Automatic Cat Feeder

Top 5 Best Automatic Cat Feeder Dispensers Under $100

Discover the top 5 automatic cat feeders that will simplify your life and keep your furry friend well-fed. We’ve researched and selected the most reliable and highly-rated options. Join us as we explore their standout features and user reviews to find the perfect fit for your cat’s feeding needs. Say goodbye to mealtime stress and embrace convenience and peace of mind with these fantastic automatic cat feeders.


1. Faroro PF20 Automatic Cat Feeder

The Faroro PF20 automatic pet feeder has a 4L/17 cups capacity for dry food, suitable for feeding pets for extended periods. It allows scheduling 1-6 meals per day, with up to 40 portions per meal (5g each). The feeder offers dual-power supply options, including a 5V DC adapter and backup batteries (not included). Customized voice recordings can be used to call pets for meals, ensuring they feel comfortable even when the owner is not present. The feeder is easy to set up and clean, with a detachable stainless-steel bowl and components. Overall, it provides a practical and reliable solution for regular and healthy pet feeding.

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2. VOLUAS VL001 Automatic Cat Feeder

The Voluas Vl001 automatic pet feeder offers easy programmable feeding times, allowing you to customize your pet’s meals. It can be powered by a wired connection or batteries, ensuring uninterrupted feeding even during power outages. The feeder enables you to record your voice for meal calls, promoting bonding and healthy eating habits. Its user-friendly operation and removable parts make it easy to use and clean. With high-capacity food storage, it can keep your pet well-fed for several days, perfect for short trips or busy schedules. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind provided by this automatic pet feeder.

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3. Ymiko YM-AF001 Automatic Cat Feeder

The Ymiko automatic pet feeder features a 3L/12.7 cups capacity to ensure the freshness of your pets’ food. It has been tested extensively and can feed an adult cat for 15 days or a small-sized adult dog for 7 days, maintaining the food’s freshness. With 4 programmable feeding time settings and an LCD screen with buttons, you can easily schedule up to 4 meals in advance and dispense up to 9 portions of food at customized times. The feeder also allows for a 10-second voice recording to remind your pets. It offers dual power supply options and an anti-clogging design to prevent disruptions in food supply. Setting up and cleaning the feeder is simple, with easy-to-follow instructions. Just remember not to submerge the machine in liquid and use a damp cloth to clean the hopper’s interior.

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4. PETLIBRO PLAF005 Automatic Cat Feeder

The PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder ensures freshness with its patented rotor, secure twist-lock lid, desiccant bag, and sealing strip, keeping the food fresh and crunchy. Setting up and programming the PETLIBRO timed cat feeder is easy, allowing you to schedule 1-6 meals per day with up to 50 portions (20ml each). It offers dual power supply options, with a USB-C adapter and 3 alkaline D batteries as a backup. The feeder allows for personalized meal calls, as it can record a 10-second message and play it up to 5 times. It is BPA-free and easy to clean, with removable parts and an infrared sensor to prevent food blockage.

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5. PETULTRA DU4LB-KY Automatic Cat Feeder

The PETULTRA automatic pet feeder features an anti-clogging design with a double rotor, wide-angle food passage, and a large-diameter food bowl to prevent grain accumulation and ensure equal portions. It offers timer-programmable feeding with 4 meals and up to 9 portions per meal, customizable to your pet’s eating habits. A 10-second voice recording clip provides comfort and assurance to your pet during mealtime. The feeder can be powered by a power adapter and batteries for uninterrupted feeding. Safety features include a desiccant bag, secure lock lid, and detachable design for easy cleaning and reducing bacterial growth.

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